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November 2015

Cracker Candy or Cookie Treats?

With the holidays in action, I am always looking for quick snack treats that I can share with others or have on hand for company.  Where do I look? Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. A few weeks ago saw a Facebook post that used Rolo candy and Ritz crackers. So I tried it… YUM! Simple and easy it definitely was. But, I am not one that lets simple and easy stay exactly that way, I have to “tweak” it. This is what I did….But I have to ask? Are they cookies or cracker candy?

“Take 5” Cookie Candy

Preheat oven to 350 degrees

Lay 2 dozen Ritz face down on a cookie sheet. Place one Rolo candy ( you will need 3 rolls) on each cracker. Place into a 350 degree oven for 3-4 minutes. While they are warming in the oven, take enough crackers to cover the ones in the oven and spread a small amount of creamy peanut butter on it. Set them aside. Take crackers out of the oven. Immediately place the crackers with peanut butter, peanut butter side down, on top of the Rolo candy. Press down so that the Rolo squishes. Let cool for about 1 hour so that the caramel sets up again.  ( I know… no fair! Sneak one and make sure they are as tasty as they sound!) After an hour you can melt a package of chocolate almond bark and dip each cracker cookie in it. ( I only dipped each halfway in.)  Let excess chocolate drip off and set them on wax paper. Let them sit on wax paper for at least 15 mins to cool and dry. Then pack away for later or enjoy!


The hardest part of this whole gig is letting them sit out and cool. Watch for sneaky fingers of those in the house to find a “need” to sample them. It’s amazing how creative the young and old can be what they are desperate to try these guys.

( HINT: for all those who can’t wait… or when you don’t want to share with those watching… take the broken crackers you don’t use and lay out on a plate, heat peanut butter for 30 secs. in microwave and drizzle over them. Melt a cube of almond back and drizzle that over the crackers too! let sit for a few minutes and then share with spectators!)

But my biggest problem remains… are these crackers candies or cookies? What are your thoughts?

If you make these… please someone tell me… do they taste just like a Take 5 candy bar to you? I thought they did and I was SO excited because that is my favorite candy bar!


‘Twas the Night Before Black Friday

(Image from

‘Twas the night before Black Friday and all through the house, the newspaper ads were rustling like a field of startled grouse. 

Mom on the couch with her highlighter in hand, dad hollering from the basement,”Buying things in excess? I am not a fan.” 

Kids gathered round, losing interest in the f-ball games, arguing over best deals and items that were said to be lame. 

When all of  a sudden the alarm went off, it’s left over time, we most certainly can’t still be stuffed! 

Plastic dishes and paper plates were laid on the table, the challenge was on… Fill your plate, finish it all, if you are able. 

The prize for eating until you could pop? $10 towards shopping at tomorrow’s first stop! 

As the late evening approached, lists sorted and prepared, all in the house settled in, pretended Friday’s no big deal, didn’t care. 

Alarms were set and clothes laid out, the coffee scheduled to brew, it’d be needed no doubt.

As all eyes grew heavy and rested a bit, a small voice was heard, a cry, a child was having a fit. 

Mom’s highlighter cap came off and on paper set to work, a note she did scribble with a dance of the hand kinda like a “twerk”. 

It read, “There will be no shopping on this blessed Friday morn, tears and sadness, a family should not be torn

Between time together and a few bucks tossed at a till, for Thanksgiving is not about who can save the most bills.

Instead we will rest, rise when each is ready, play games, sing songs and visit Grandma Betty. 

The dash and chaos will not be part of us, so go back to bed cuz in this family’s happiness is a must.”

With those words jotted down and then pinned on the wall, she crawled under the covers, said a prayer of Thanksgiving for all! 

Her dreams that night were simple, not long or too deep, she dreamt that more would reflect and believe

In the mindset of Thanksgiving, not a month or a day, that more people would pause and each day they would pray.

For so many are caught in the hustle of life, and in peace, with a deep breath she fell asleep mumbling, “Good night”. 

Here’s to the spirit of Thanksgiving being in our lives each day, helping each other and taking time to pray. 

2015 is soon coming to an end, stop and think about the messages you send. 

Many blessings to you as you travel your chosen path, take one step at a time life is not a dash!

‘Twas the night of Black Friday and all through the house, laughter was heard, again startling the grouse! 

To Post or Not to Post…It’s Hunting Season

This past weekend marked the “official” end to a 3 week North Dakota state unofficial holiday, Deer Hunting rifle season. Many schools schedule the day off on opener, others take time off work, many travel, and the sight of bright orange is almost blinding each weekend. Although the focus has changed from hunting to provide food for ones self or family, many still fill freezers and find this an annual time to gather with family and friends! 

 North Dakota is one of a few states that requires land owners or the person given control, to post the land if they do not want people to hunt or if they want to have control of who can or who is hunting on their land.  Ok, perhaps confusing. It may be simpler to say what we don’t do…. We, the State of ND, do not claim that all land is posted and require permission for a parcel of land to be hunted. We assume all land is open for hunting unless posted, signs posted every 880 ft or if land is fenced, on the gates and corners.

It is this posting to “close” land that gets me thinking. Is it better to have all land closed and force hunters to dig in order to find the person who controls and can allow hunters on a piece of land or is it better to have land “open” to hunting unless it is posted. I ask myself whether “closed” places the burden on the hunter and allows the “owner” to sit back and not have to worry.  I also wonder if “open” land forces  the “owner” to act upon his/ her responsibility as owner it person in control of the land to oust it if they desire to have control over who and when people hunt. I have no concrete answer and find myself simply saying, “Yes!”.

Hunting is a privilege. Owning or controlling land comes with responsibility. Is there a happy medium between two different “posted” land systems? Does it matter as long as we all communicate, know the rules, and follow them. Hmmm. Another question to answer a question. Perhaps if we do what’s right things are just fine the way they are: land considered “open” for hunting unless a sign says it’s not. Let’s hope people can read and care enough about others and their chance at that “big buck or doe” to comply with the rules and won’t have to talk about “the one that got away” because the the signs were missing or not read!   

 I hope all those who hunted during this years season had success! 

Thanks for showing interest in the sport, sharing your interests with those near and far, and helping control the deer population while adding food to your freezer for another year!

Potty Talk: The Toilet Stall

Which toilet do you pick when you walk into a public bathroom?

Whether I am shopping, eating at a restaurant, or traveling, using the “public bathroom” (yes those multi-stalled often smelly noises air dryer bath rooming rooms) is inevitable!


So because I seem to think of crazy things at odd times, I began thinking about picking stalls. Weird, I know!  But really, why or how do we pick a stall? Is it the cleanest, the closest, the only one open?

So, my observation of my behavior were:

  • I never picked the first stall
  • I never chose the stall that I saw someone just come out of
  • If a toilet wasn’t flushed or there was paper on the floor I passed it by
  • If I had a child with me, I always make a beeline for the handicapped bathroom
  • I greatly appreciate the hook on the door or wall for my purse/ diaper bag
  •  I always chose the 2nd stall!

So, it appears that I am a creature of habit… And for the most part, yes, that is true!!

What do these observations mean? What did I do with this info? I started watching others. Don’t take that the wrong way!  Perhaps, “I notice what others are choosing” is a better statement. The biggest thing I noticed from that was people rarely used the first stall!  So what, right?!

Well, as I said earlier, I was looking for a clean open stall. Thus, I starting jumping stall and using the first one. I almost never wait, it has pretty much always been clean, and business can get done!

What other crazy things do we think about and monitor? Hmmmm.

Potty Talk complete!

A Glow in the Night

Growing up in the city led me to become accustomed to bright lights and hustle and bustle all night long. Night driving was no big deal. Here on the prairie there are lots of lights too, just a “little” different!  Last night as I was hauling corn from the field to the grain bins to be stored until it is sold, I sat in the field. I glanced out the windshield and saw my new “city lights” on a beautiful prairie night! The glowed, illuminated all within several hundred feet. They added excitement and energy to a calm and peaceful scenery. As quickly as the lights gathered they dispersed. The tractor pulling the grain cart full of freshly combined corn dumped it on the semi- truck  and the truck took off back to to the farm yard. The grain cart turned and drove back deep into the field to meet the combine. The lights were gone. The prairie calmed, became dark, and tranquil. I waited until the lights returned, reflecting on how “city lights” and “prairie nights” at harvest have much in common; energy, excitement, hard work, movement and passion! It was a comfortable welcome moment that was a perfect spring board for this new journey of sharing my story of our farm, parenthood, and prairie life!

Stay tuned for more stories of my adventures directly from the central prairie of North Dakota!


A Family Farm?

Yes, We are a family farm. In fact, my husband and I are the third generation to own and run the farm. Over the years many things have changed, but we hope that this means each generation is preparing it for the next, doing what has to be done to ensure that it is sustainable…. or that it is a viable livelihood, business and lifestyle for the next generation.

Believe it or not, over 97% of all farms in the United States are family owned and operated. Some farms have given themselves names or incorporated in order to have a greater presence / visibility in the market or simply out of desire for a particular structure of the business, but they are still owned and run by a family.

Our farm currently consists of my husband and I, one full time employee (who has been with us for over 25 years), and 3 part-time employees. We are still a family farm. We are bigger than when we began in 1919, we raise different crops, have different equipment, different strategies, and a need for help in addition to ourselves, but we are still a family farm. Being a family farm is something we take pride in and plan our future in order to stay part of the 97 % of farms nation wide that are family owned and run!

Keep Calm, Farm On
Keep Calm, Farm On

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