Growing up in the city led me to become accustomed to bright lights and hustle and bustle all night long. Night driving was no big deal. Here on the prairie there are lots of lights too, just a “little” different!  Last night as I was hauling corn from the field to the grain bins to be stored until it is sold, I sat in the field. I glanced out the windshield and saw my new “city lights” on a beautiful prairie night! The glowed, illuminated all within several hundred feet. They added excitement and energy to a calm and peaceful scenery. As quickly as the lights gathered they dispersed. The tractor pulling the grain cart full of freshly combined corn dumped it on the semi- truck  and the truck took off back to to the farm yard. The grain cart turned and drove back deep into the field to meet the combine. The lights were gone. The prairie calmed, became dark, and tranquil. I waited until the lights returned, reflecting on how “city lights” and “prairie nights” at harvest have much in common; energy, excitement, hard work, movement and passion! It was a comfortable welcome moment that was a perfect spring board for this new journey of sharing my story of our farm, parenthood, and prairie life!

Stay tuned for more stories of my adventures directly from the central prairie of North Dakota!