Which toilet do you pick when you walk into a public bathroom?

Whether I am shopping, eating at a restaurant, or traveling, using the “public bathroom” (yes those multi-stalled often smelly noises air dryer bath rooming rooms) is inevitable!


So because I seem to think of crazy things at odd times, I began thinking about picking stalls. Weird, I know!  But really, why or how do we pick a stall? Is it the cleanest, the closest, the only one open?

So, my observation of my behavior were:

  • I never picked the first stall
  • I never chose the stall that I saw someone just come out of
  • If a toilet wasn’t flushed or there was paper on the floor I passed it by
  • If I had a child with me, I always make a beeline for the handicapped bathroom
  • I greatly appreciate the hook on the door or wall for my purse/ diaper bag
  •  I always chose the 2nd stall!

So, it appears that I am a creature of habit… And for the most part, yes, that is true!!

What do these observations mean? What did I do with this info? I started watching others. Don’t take that the wrong way!  Perhaps, “I notice what others are choosing” is a better statement. The biggest thing I noticed from that was people rarely used the first stall!  So what, right?!

Well, as I said earlier, I was looking for a clean open stall. Thus, I starting jumping stall and using the first one. I almost never wait, it has pretty much always been clean, and business can get done!

What other crazy things do we think about and monitor? Hmmmm.

Potty Talk complete!