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‘Twas the night before Black Friday and all through the house, the newspaper ads were rustling like a field of startled grouse. 

Mom on the couch with her highlighter in hand, dad hollering from the basement,”Buying things in excess? I am not a fan.” 

Kids gathered round, losing interest in the f-ball games, arguing over best deals and items that were said to be lame. 

When all of  a sudden the alarm went off, it’s left over time, we most certainly can’t still be stuffed! 

Plastic dishes and paper plates were laid on the table, the challenge was on… Fill your plate, finish it all, if you are able. 

The prize for eating until you could pop? $10 towards shopping at tomorrow’s first stop! 

As the late evening approached, lists sorted and prepared, all in the house settled in, pretended Friday’s no big deal, didn’t care. 

Alarms were set and clothes laid out, the coffee scheduled to brew, it’d be needed no doubt.

As all eyes grew heavy and rested a bit, a small voice was heard, a cry, a child was having a fit. 

Mom’s highlighter cap came off and on paper set to work, a note she did scribble with a dance of the hand kinda like a “twerk”. 

It read, “There will be no shopping on this blessed Friday morn, tears and sadness, a family should not be torn

Between time together and a few bucks tossed at a till, for Thanksgiving is not about who can save the most bills.

Instead we will rest, rise when each is ready, play games, sing songs and visit Grandma Betty. 

The dash and chaos will not be part of us, so go back to bed cuz in this family’s happiness is a must.”

With those words jotted down and then pinned on the wall, she crawled under the covers, said a prayer of Thanksgiving for all! 

Her dreams that night were simple, not long or too deep, she dreamt that more would reflect and believe

In the mindset of Thanksgiving, not a month or a day, that more people would pause and each day they would pray.

For so many are caught in the hustle of life, and in peace, with a deep breath she fell asleep mumbling, “Good night”. 

Here’s to the spirit of Thanksgiving being in our lives each day, helping each other and taking time to pray. 

2015 is soon coming to an end, stop and think about the messages you send. 

Many blessings to you as you travel your chosen path, take one step at a time life is not a dash!

‘Twas the night of Black Friday and all through the house, laughter was heard, again startling the grouse!