Today I was boldly reminded that Christmas is not a happy time for many. For the past few weeks we have spent time talking of the holiday, the days off school and work, gifts that we wish for, the abundance of food, and perhaps even the items that were dropped off for the “less fortunate”. 

 What happens to those that don’t enjoy being at home, don’t get the gifts they wish for, lack the opportunity for a joyful spirit of togetherness where they are forced to be, and struggle to put food on the table? 

Christmas is probably not what the commercials, stores, schools, and even churches make it out to be. “Hallmark”isms have made the last 6 weeks of the year very difficult and cause many to feel guilt and embarrassment. 

As many of us embark on the joy of Christ’s arrival, take time to remember those who lack the knowledge of what Christmas is about, who are saddened because they can’t provide or have the the “things” society says they need to have or do not experience the joy of family and friends. 

Let us remember those for which the holidays make them feel less. Let us offer our time, patience, and treasures to enlighten them on the precious things that they do have during this glorious time of the year!