Yahoo, Hip- Hip Hooray!

The newest Accurate Ag Book of the year is out…First PEAS to the Table by Susan Grigsby!

pea book

Why am I so excited? Simply because now I have a new book to share with students and local libraries! Ok, so I know the book was there before it became the America Farm Bureau Foundation’s book of the year, but now I know it is an accurate reliable story!

Why do I love this book so much? Hmmm, that is easy. It incorporates a bit of history, talks about gardening, competition and helping others! In addition to a great story this book has fabulous lesson plans and activities and a full newspaper type Ag Mag!

Peas are one of my favorite garden goodies. I have taught kids to plant them in pots if they don’t have land to make into a full garden. There are many kinds of peas… yellow, green, short and fat pods, long and lean pods… each look a little different, but grow easily and are tasty!

I can’t wait to share this book and invite groups and classrooms out to our farm to partake in a Pea Adventure, perhaps we will even call it Pea Fest! field peasThe timing of honoring this book as this year’s Accurate Ag Book couldn’t be better, the entire field around my home and farm are planned to be planted into peas! What a better way to share than to let kids grow some of their own, pick a few, do a project, have a snack and listen to a story out at a real farm…

Pea Fest is it…. now time to plan and have some fun!

Check out the Peas First to the Table Resources at: