We have all seen commercials that use seductive models to sell cars, jeans, and even fast food, but have you ever noticed how seductive job advertisements can be? 

This last week I was looking through some job ads placed on our state job service site and found some the peeked by interest, one sounded pretty ideal. It was all in the verbiage. That romance of words and the interaction of nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs. (I know, I confess High School English class can be useful.)

Hearing, seeing, or reading the right things causes a chemical reaction in the brain, drawing us in, pushing us to engage. Job advertisements are no different. They are selling work and trying to attract potential employees. So why not market oneself or ones business using seduction! 

  In all honesty I had not thought of any of this until I looked at the organization that was connected to the job description I fell in love with. I knew of the organization. I have interacted with it. I didn’t see eye to eye with it’s philosophy and actions and I knew that despite the lush heart warming language used in its lengthy and detailed advertisement, it did not do what it said, was not looking to do what it claims to want to do in its mission statement, and I knew I could not even apply knowing I would be going against my personal beliefs and positions. 
So, I close this post with a simple request.  Stop and think about the intent of what you see, hear, and/or read. Does it make you feel warm and fuzzy, energized, impulsive, crabby, enraged, etc.? Why? Keep in mind language and marketing is tool used to draw you in. Take time to evaluate and investigate it can save you heartache in the end.