How many times, have we heard the saying, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade”? Probably more than we would like.

It was made perfectly clear a few weeks ago that we don’t have to accept things as they are presented to us. We can use adversity, or lemons if you wish, to do marvelous things! 

About a month ago Amberley Snyder spoke at the North Dakota Farm Bureau Farm and Ranch Conference.  

Her message was more than inspiring, it was motivating and clearly showed that life is not about the cards we are dealt, but our attitude, the choices we make, and how we decide to play those cards! 

Amberley had the audience, children through the “more experienced” generations held captive with her story. Her life changed in a single moment when she was injured in a car accident. As a barrel racer with big plans for her future, she was forced to pause, set adjusted goals and steps to reach those goals. 

She was given a basket of lemons, but none have left her sour. With a little sweeter, positive thought and determination, Amberley’s goals became her reality! Her new reality becoming life changing for not just herself, but all those she comes in contact with. 

Perhaps the most inspiring moment of her visit with the group was this story that she shared.

A second grade boy asked, “If you could go back to that day [the day of her accident] and change it, would you?” Amberley shared that before she replied she thought about the people, places and opportunities she’d been exposed to. She knew she had been a true believer in everything happens for a reason. And it was with that thought that she said, “No”. She acknowledged that she did not always know when or what, but that there was a purpose and she was going to serve that purpose! 

So when it seems like the glass is empty and the cards are stacked against you, take a deep breath, find the silver lining, and make a plan. For the future is vast  and at times uncertain, but you have to keep on going. “There is no future in giving up!!!”, according to Amberley.

I would highly recommend Amberley Snyder for your meeting or convention. 

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