For many March is all about basketball and March Madness. Let’s get real. My interest in basketball is developing and I don’t get into March Madness like my oldest son does! I can finally identify “traveling” and know that you have to “box out” on defense after 5 years of watching my son. March Madness on the farm has very little to do with basketball, except that basketball season ends.

On the Farm March Madness is all about…

  1. Examination of soil composition maps
    1. double check that nutients in soil are right for crop that is to be planted
  2. Putting the finishing touches on equipment used for planting and soil preparation
    1. Repairs
    2. Wash and wax
    3. Order parts that wear so we have them on hand
  3. Creating maps
    1. Use information from past years on the soil, amount produced and contour of the land to write a prescription or recipe that our seeder and planter can read to place the right amount of seed and fertilizer in specific parts of each field.
  4. Combing through the budget to look for areas to cut back and those that may need to increase. 
    1. Each dollar spent on a field/ planting and maintaining the crop has to be returned at least 105% to make it worthwhile.
  5. Partaking in the last of family events
    1. Field work kicks off in full force the end of March and the first part of April. this means that we divide and conquer to attend as many of our children’s activities as possible. We try hard to take a family trip somewhere even if it is only 2-3 days before we get into full swing!
  6. Training
    1. One can never know enough! We attend meetings and trainings to learn and refresh ourselves about the business of farming, as well as, soil knowledge and the growing of crops
  7. Driving 100’s of miles on gravel roads
    1. Checking fields for frost and any change over the winter
    2.  Monitoring the moisture level to see if fields are dry enough for equipment to drive in without getting stuck!
  8. Taking inventory
    1. Everything from nuts, bolts and nails to wire to  window cleaner to fuel to seed to tires to grease
    2. SNACKS- for the shop for when lunch pails are forgotten
    3. AND let’s be honest, having a supply of beer, wine, whisky, water and pop is important too!
  9. Employee meetings
    1. Sometimes called coffee and rolls
    2. Identify who will be in charge of what
    3. Make a list of To-Dos
    4. Gets everyone on the same page
  10. SLEEPing and Eating
    1. Entering long days ( up to 18 hours) rested is important!!!
    2. Eating well and balanced meals to build strength and health is important too!
      1. cooking, more importantly the crock-pot and grill become our best friends!

March Madness is so many different things to everyone! Embrace for the craze and plan!

It may be crazy, but remember…..” Spring is nature’s way of saying ‘Let’s party!’.”- Robin Williams