A sunny Saturday in April and where was I for 2 1/2 days? Inside at the state Republican Convention. In all reality, 5 years ago if you told me that I would be looking forward to this event, I would have said you were crazy. Today, I can honestly say that I am happy I was there.

Why? Was I not missing out of things back at the farm and with the kids? IMG_2536Yes, I was! But I try to find balance! My oldest daughter joined me for a few different events the first evening. She was reintroduced to Senator Hoeven and his wife Mikey. She came with me to the arena where the convention was held and met Randy, from our Congressman’s office, who has worked diligently on a few different matters directly for the farm. I was able to walk her through the nominating process and what all was going to happen the following days! It was a great educational opportunity and binding time for us. So yes, I was missing out on a few things back home, but gaining some insight and working for the future by becoming active, voting based on my beliefs, and conversing about various topics with people from all walks of life. In the words of my friend Annie Carlson, “If  you are not at the table, then you will be on the table.”

The one thing that I will boldly say that that it is everyone’s responsibility to be involved. It is our duty to vote. It is our duty to be informed and it is our right to run for office if we feel we can do diligence to the position. At no time should a person serving in office be sitting in office. They are servants to the citizens. It doesn’t matter if one is serving on a small local rural board or in a capacity as large as in DC. Being active and representing the people and/or state is what it is about. Attending the Republican Convention made some of this belief of mine clear. There was close competition for several people seeking republican support. It was clear that the incumbent can not sit in office but must be on the ball and active. They need to fight for their position and represent the people.

I close with this:  If you are unhappy about the actions of an official, ask them about it. If you want to see something different taking place become involved. If you have the time, skills and dedication do what our country is supposed to be set up to do…. run for office and serve the people. BUT always keep in mind that you are not in it for yourself.