Rain….Desperately needed, yet handing me another challenge- mud! 

On the farm we have been praying for rain for the last few weeks. The wind has been blowing and that means the dirt is too! Seeds have been placed in the ground, our entire wheat crop has been seeded, and the dirt was still dry. So, when the skies became light gray, the temperatures dropped a bit, and my windshield needed wipers there was a sigh of relief! 

That being said, 3 full days of a beautiful rain may bless our fields and lawn, but creates the challenge of mud. Mudon everyone’s   boots, mud in all the cars, mud on anything that is on our bodies and everywhere we walk! It means the socks my kids run out into the garage in are now stained and their pants cuffs are coated. 

So what’s the big deal? Nothing in all reality. It is a “little” deal, but constant issue. 

Rain means that there is time to tackle a few things that just don’t get done often when we are in the field- sweeping the shop, cleaning and mopping the office, scrubbing the kitchen floor and catching up with laundry! Keeping the mud out of the office and house and wet mud filled clothes out of the dirty clothes basket is a huge challenge, one that drives me crazy! 

So after trying to keep up with everything  and explain for the nth time to the kids that muck boots stay by the door garage, that they really do need to wear their coveralls, if they come in the house they need to check their feet and pant cuffs for messes, and if their clothes are muddy that they need to be taken off at the door, I gave up! I just couldn’t repeat myself another time. 

I decided that yes, there has to be some level of controlling the mess, but that someday I will miss seeing these footprints and wish I could have these challenges back! 

For it is these moments that remind us that we are mortal, kids keep things real, and that with all of our blessings come challenges. We need to step back and think about what really matters and be grateful! 

Today, I am grateful for giggles, for raindrops, for the gray hairs that are coming, and the opportunities for my kids to run and play and joy the freedom to play in the mud! 

Farm life is crazy, messy and wild, but it is a lot of fun too! Which leads me to wonder if maybe there really is some truth to the term “funny farm”!