I have not always been a “farm girl”. For many years, the highways, malls, and 10-minute pizza delivery promise was what I knew. In fact, there was a time that I thought that there was no place else to be than a “town” of 350,000+ people.

Picture Source: Trip Advisor

I even balked at the thought of living in a small town of 45,000. So what got me agree and see the value of living in a “village” of about 900 people, of which I am finding out a large percentage are “family”? It’s simple- Love and opportunity! Perhaps, even a bit of adventure and curiosity for the unknown played a role too. For you see, I was born and raised in Minneapolis, MN. I grew accustomed to busyness, noise, and lights. I grew to like variety, quick access to anything I could possibly need and want. I developed into an individual that took a lot of things for granted and never questioned whether or not the items I desired would be available at the store or not. I knew, in all my naiveness, they would be, and never thought to question what systems were in place to guarantee that notion.

And so my farm story begins in the fall of 1998 on an October day when I was convinced to travel a few hours away to attend a wedding with a friend, now more like a sister, for a couple from this village of Underwood, ND, of which I now call home!

Stay tuned to follow my adventure as I share my journey from city life to farm wife and mom!