Most farms have amazing women that stretch themselves thin almost everyday to be everything to everyone, seldom thinking of themselves!

Today, I met 4 AMAZING farm moms from various states around the country that do just that!  They have been nominated and selected to represent their region of the USA as an outstanding Farm Mom who not only works on her farm, but also works to ensure stability of her family and gives her time to her  community!

I am also honored to be one of the 5 Farm Moms to be recognized!

For me being a farm mom is about balancing the many hats that I wear each and every day. Keeping some level of sanity and order and getting tasks done in a “mostly” timely manner. It mean meeting the needs of others, serving our family, farm, community, and God before myself. It means sharing what we do on our farm, learning more each and everyday, supporting others, protecting our personal and property rights, honoring the culture and history of farming on our farm for three generations, but also all of agriculture since the beginning of our nation, while ensuring that upcoming generations can farm too.

Picture Source: Ranch House Designs

As the America’s Farmers NW Region Farm Mom of the year, I have big plans to continue to do the things I have always done… work on the farm and raise a family on the farm developing work ethic, responsibility, respect and understanding of business and the growing and processing of food, fiber and fuel. I will also continue to share my story of city lights to prairie nights and how my life living in the city has provided an enhanced respect and heightened commitment to telling the story of farming and agriculture through my experience and on- going learning! This “title”  helps me stay dedicated to reaching out within my own community and to people around the country.

With that, I ask that between now and May 4th, that you submit your vote each day for America’s Farmers, National Farm Mom of the Year .

This vote will identify one of the five Farm Moms as the 2016 America’s Farmers Farm Mom of the year! The winner will be announced on May 6th , 2016!

Happy voting!

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