Some days it is just down right dreary. Yah, things don’t go as planned. Kids decide to have melt downs at the “most opportune moments” and days of clouds and rain all add up and can start to get a person down. 

So what’s a girl to do? Shop! 

What do you think about buying when you are on a shopping funk? Shoes, jewelry, clothes, purses, chocolate for your secret stash? Most of the time I am right there with ya! But today, I tackled a list of things that needed to be purchased to finish the home one of our hired men on the farm live….

* A vanity mirror 

* Shower curtain

* Entry rugs

* Hanging baskets

* Cleaning products 

All ordered online. 

But then I decided that the house needed a decent vacuum!  So, being as kind and generous as I am 😉, I donated mine to the house. It is fairly new,  1 year, and my fabulous husband just washed all the filters and the canister! It was in much better shape that I had been using it for months! 

So then, in a moment of desperation and realization that I have a houseful of guests coming on Saturday and needed to clean and I wasn’t  going to the “big town” in the next 3 days, I sent the following message to my sister-in- law…. She pulled through, found me the same one I had just given away, on sale and in a fabulous gold color… I always liked gold, silver, wild flowers, chocolate, coffee, a good pair of sweatpants etc. So, a new GOLD vacuum was the cherry on the top of the sundae! 

So, when the Wednesday Shuffle ( I will explain in another post) was mostly over and I pulled up at church to drop kids at CCD and she delivered it to me, I was so excited and VERY grateful! I went home, put it together and decided that although things don’t always go well, patience runs low, and the weather has not been too much fun, that it was time to SUCK IT UP! 

Let the vacuuming commenence!