So this may be late, but late is better than never, right?!

Mother’s Day is always a busy one. It is one that is generally a little different every year. This year we were planting corn, cleaning the barn, and tackling cleaning up the yard.

Sunny and 70? Isn’t it always?

Yep, it was in a variety of ways!

  1. I got some amazing handmade gifts and notes from my kids!
  2. We were all busy working together!
  3. Yard looks a million times better!
  4. Kids realized how much effort goes into something as simple as raking and picking up corn stubble/ debris that invaded our yard!
  5. Order was restored in the barn!
  6. The garden is ready for planting!
  7. Our moods were uplifted and we soaked up some vitamin D!
  8. We laughed, cried, and got frustrated TOGETHER!
  9. Several got the stomach flu together- so nice they didn’t suffer alone!
  10. The sun was out and the temp really was 70 degrees!
  11. was able to honor my kids and husband with a treat personalized for each! ( Who doesn’t like edible prizes- right?)

Mother’s Day is a day that moms are recognized for all that they do, but for our family it is those that made it possible to have the title of “MOM” that are recognized too. For without them, I couldn’t be me!


“The best thing she was, was her children.” ― Toni Morrison