In North Dakota there is not much in a garden growing in mid- May. We may have high temperatures of 90 in April and 40 in May. Not too many plants like that severe temperature swing!

Some gardeners have asparagus, perhaps some berry plants or bushes coming out of dormancy, but at this time of the year Rhubarb is available in abundance! Lucky me- I LOVE rhubarb!

Today, I decided to take a break from farm office work and tackle rhubarb sauce. I often use this sauce as a “mix-in” in things such as frozen slush, pancakes, and muffins, as well as a sauce for cheesecake and on oatmeal. Today’s batch included fresh frozen mixed berried to sweeten up the sauce and give it a bold color!

So, rhubarb sauce, hmmm. How does one make that? It’s fairly easy…

In a large pot add:

*12-14 cups of chopped rhubarb stalks

*1 cup white sugar

* 2 cups water

* optional: fresh or fresh frozen berries of choice (no syrup on the fruit)

Bring to boil stirring occasionally. Once boiling, turn down to simmer. Cook about 20-25 minutes simmering, stirring fairly vigorously every few minutes to break the fruit up.  Once in a sauce form, let cool for 30 mins and divide into serving size desired. Freeze or place in refrigerator.

Last forever in freezer, I try to use within a week in fridge.

Quick refreshing treat: On a hot summer day try using the berry rhubarb sauce mixed with Sprite over ice. Add Gin, Vodka, or Rum if desired!😊