So many times I find our family dividing and conquering. With 5 kids it always seems like we have at least 2 places to be at the same time. One thing that we have found that we can all participate in is 4H.

Now we may not always be working on The same skills or project at the same time, but we work towards the same thing- learning new skills, making useful items, raising the best animals possible to show, and spending time together.

All ending with quality time at the county fair, hence the family a- fair theme!

As we venture through projects and finding time and tact to guide kids through them, we share frustration, a few tense moments, realization that we didn’t leave enough time to get everything done, but without a doubt the best part are the smiles, laughs, and memories made!

4H in our house is a family commitment, one where we can explore and share our time and talents and grow together. Life skills are developed and “soft skills” such as planning, commutation, responsibility, service, problem solving and commitment grows. 4H is a program so much more than a club. It is a youth development group, one that our community is fortunate to have available!