We all like to see businesses succeed. We like to look at our family and neighbors and feel good about what they are doing and how they are supporting their families, communities and other businesses.

Success= Sustainability!

And success looks, feels, and pencils out a little different for everyone.

So what in my eyes is success or sustainability? Simply put I believe it means that one is being responsible and caring for their resources ( family, employees, soil, seed, livestock, machinery, finances etc.) with utmost care in order to continue the practice of farming into the future. It also means that we share with others why we make the decisions we do.


Now that is simple, but each of those items in the parenthesis above is dynamic and comes with a lot of depth and detail. Every farm has to evaluate how they will care for their resources. They have to evaluate the soil types, employee personalities types, machinery functions types, financial resources and types of expenditures needed versus wanted, and finally they are responsible for choosing and using the seeds, feeds, pastures, livestock and tools for care that are best for their farm and ranch business.

One practice and decision doesn’t fit all….. it is a process of knowledge, data evaluation, resources available, personal beliefs, planning, pacing, and then application.

Sustainability is personal!

Sustainability= Longitudinal Success!