I have seen posts about homemade laundry soap on and off over the years. My sister made some a few years back and raved about it and how cheap it was. I just kind of brushed it off as something that “others” do and thought it was a lot of work and really not much of a savings.

Well, I received a container of homemade laundry soap and the recipe as a gift and decided to try it out. It did a nice job cleaning clothes. The clothes, even the farm work clothes came clean and smelled fresh! So what did I do? I made some…. how much? Well, a years worth plus ! Really, I really made that much and it all fit in a 5 gallon bucket!

IMG_9487Now I am sure you wonder, what ingredients were used, why I made so much and what the cost was etc. So I will break it down.

Single Batch Ingredients: 1 cup Borax, 1 cup Washing Soda (Arm &Hammer), 1/4 cup Baking Soda, 2 cups shredded (use cheese grater) Zote bar soap.

IMG_9483Directions: place all ingredients in a food processors and blend until the Zote is “pulverized” or fine. Place in a storage container and get busy washing away!  Use 1 TBSP for small- average size loads, 2 TBSP for large or heavily soiled loads.

( Single batch does 68 loads. I made 24 batches)



Cost for 24 batches: 

Borax: $3.97/ box x 3 2/3 boxes = $14.56

Washing Soda: $3.97/ box x 3 2/3 boxes = $14.56

Baking Soda: $2.99

Zote: $1.49/ bar x 12 = $17.88

Total: 49.99 ( $2.08 per batch)


That means that I made enough soap for 1632 loads or 816 large or loads of farm clothes. At our house we have large washing machines that I take full advantage of so I use 2 TBSPs at a time. I figure that I do 12 loads laundry a week plus about 30 extra loads throughout the year. That equals 654 loads a year ( give or take) which gives me a “little bit” extra in the bucket! IMG_9490

So how does homemade laundry soap compare to others that are frequently purchased?

ALL Free and Clear Pods: 45 pod package = $8.19 = $.18 per pod or $.36 for large load

Target Up & Up Pods: 35 pod package = $5.99 = $.17 per pod or $.34 for large load

Tide Pods: 42 pod package= $11.99 = .$29 per pod or $.57 for large load

Tide Liquid: 96 load jug = $17.99= $19 per load or $.37 for large load

Tide Powder: 68 load box = $11.99 = $.17 per load or $.35 for large load

Homemade Soap: 68 load batch= $.03 per load or $.06 for large load.

Double Wow!

The decision was pretty easy for me that the switch when I crunched the numbers! If you can spare about 2 hours mixing a few simple ingredients together, you can save quite a bit of cash!

Time to get busy…. laundry is one of those things that never ends!