4H is a club that I never knew about growing up.We had Girl Scouts on and off and I remember my grandma talking about Campfire Girls. But 4H… hmmm. Well, about seven years ago I began to discover all that it can offer. Yes- a lot of opportunities to do projects and raise and show livestock, but also opportunities to learn new things while gainig leadership and civic insight. 

So although the week before the county fair is stressful and filled with late nights and last minute painting, glueing and baking,  I enjoy all of it! Why? Mostly because it is  also filled with accomplishment, pride and memories! 

My daughter wrote the following article for a local paper and I think she was pretty spot on! 

4H: It’s for You and Me                                   by: Libby Heger

4H is a leadership club for youth ages 5-18 that provides an opportunity to learn new things and develop new skills. The 4 H’s stand for Head, Heart, Hands and Health. The focus of 4H is to better or improve the club, community, country and the world. I joined Kountry Kids 4H in Underwood when I was six years old. I got started because I wanted to learn more about agriculture and many of friends were joining too. I quickly learned that 4H was not only about agriculture but about developing skills in the areas of cooking, art, sewing, science, welding and wood working. 4H is also showing me how to be a leader and better communicator.


4H has a lot of opportunities for youth. Some of the opportunities I have taken advantage of include: camp, hippology club, Citizenship in Action, Tractor and ATV certification, livestock showing, communication arts, and static exhibits. Other areas I look forward to exploring are livestock and range judging. To me the benefits of being in 4H are learning new life skills, tips and tricks to things I already know to make them easier and more efficient, and completing new skill tasks. Being a 4H member can also help a person when applying for scholarships and continued training after high school graduation.

There are many activities that youth can choose to participate in and there is only so many hours in the day. Sometimes it can be hard to decide what clubs, teams and organizations to be part of. I know from experience that 4H is a club worthwhile and one I would highly recommend checking out! To find a club near you go to: https://www.ag.ndsu.edu/mcleancountyextension/4h-and-youth