Sharing my passion with others inspires me! I would love to share my passions with you!


*Ag in a Bag

  • Dig in and discover the unknown about various agricultural topics! Participants use trade books, Ag Mags and additional resources to investigate and gain knowledge of a topic of interest.Each group is provided with a bag containing all supplies needed. The groups choose how they want to share ( News broadcast, poster, song, poem, game show etc.) what they have discovered!

* Bee You!

  • Focus on individuality, self esteem and incorporates information on honey bees  and their importance in the eco system.

*Garden in a Glove

  • Explore different seeds and how they are used. Seeds are “planted” in gloves.

*Dirt on Pizza

  • Pizza is a favorite! Discover the roots of America’s favorite food, how it fits into “My Plate” , and where our favorite topping are grown or raised!


*Art of Influence

* Building Connections- Advocating for Industry

* City Lights to Prairie Nights- My Farm Story

*Cultivating Conversations-Finding Common Ground

* Farm Labor:  Immigration and Ag’s Future

* Farm Moms: Can I Wear One More Hat?!

*Filling the Gap in Ag Literacy

* Finding Your Role- Personality, Skills, Communication

* Leadership’s Legacy

*Media Training

*Sustainability for You!


I have had the opportunity to speak for small and large groups. I have spoken locally and at state and national conferences. I believe in engagement and having those in attendance being participants in some way, shape or form. Participation builds understanding and helps build motivation and action that will continue long after a session is over!

Feel free to toss me a topic and I will let you know if I can tackle it!
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